Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Homemade Cuz It's the Best Way!

Our family all loves homeade ice cream!

It looks good when it's in there but it tastes even better! :) After it had churned we added the oreos for the lats couple minutes of mixing.

Andrew enjoying it....they got it after their baths that's why their hair is wet. :)

Doesn't it look delectable?

It's superb!

Tonight, Alanna saw Ivan get the canister out of the freezer and started screaming and squealing when he pulled it. We were going through the usual slow dinner eating process but when she hears that she can eat dessert after she finishes the bite she'll pick up the pace! She loves homemade ice cream....just like the rest of us.
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franny said...

Okay, you're really making me want some-looks really good!

Susan said...

This is so not right!!! I need some of that ice cream. :)

The Anders said...

That looks so yummy! And I'm hungry right now too! :)

grammie said...

Great picture of the churning! It looks yummy!

Mae said...

It looks sooo good! Great pics!