Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Brother+Sister (part 2)

They loved getting the kissing pictures!


::So Sweet::

...Checking out the Windmill..

Sweet Smiles!

::In Brown & White::
She wasn't to sure about holding his hand for this one.

::The Handsome Boy::

::The Sweet Girl::
::Smiles in B&W::
..with windmill in the background..
"Your so cute!"
I think this one was one of my favorites.
This is the last of them. We hope you enjoyed!


Aunt Jackie said...

beautiful pictures Charity! and adorable subjects!

grammie said...

You hope we enjoyed?
YOU MUST BE KIDDING!! Loved it and continue to love it!
And I love you!

Pauline said...


McLanger said...

Aw..they are just the cutest! I sooo enjoy looking at your blog. Love the pictures of the family:-)