Thursday, September 09, 2010


For a while now we've had the idea for these pictures, but it kept not happening. A couple weeks ago we went over to the neighbor's field and took them. Even though it was totally miserable outside when we did them the kids cooperated pretty well and we were all happy with how they turned out. We had alot of fun doing them, though!
I love how Andrew is always smiling at Alanna in these pictures!
Big smiles at each other.... :)
She get such a kick out of him just smiling at her! :)
More pictures coming soon!


franny said...

I LOVE these pictures!!!!! Really adorable!!!!

Joel and Leah said...

Too precious for words!

grammie said...

Charity Faye....I am so impressed!! I can't tell you how great these pictures are! You captured some of their personalities! You made the viewer smile (and your grandmother almost cry) you made the viewer want more! Really, really terrific pictures Honey. A pro couldn't have done better. I think you need to submit somewhere the pic of BAM holding the flowers behind his back and Rosebud holding her hand to her mouth giggling. Just priceless. Keep it up. Love you

The Anders said...

Really great pictures!

Pauline said...

Precious!! The flowers r so pretty & they r so adorable!!

Susan said...

These are SO precious! That top picture is my absolute favorite, although they are all great! It needs to be blown up. :)