Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Catching Up (part 1)

      Here are some random pictures from the past few weeks!                  
Alanna and William love playing together. She is constantly to his every need, or what she thinks he needs and is very concerned about him when he is crying!:)
William turned 3 months old! He smiles so easily and just recently has started laughing out loud. It's so cute to hear him!
Cute matching girlie's!

Andrew and William
William and I
Alanna loves rocking her baby and pretending to feed and burp her baby. She likes sitting on the couch and getting a hymn book and singing with her baby with folded hands sitting on her lap.:)


grammie said...

Love it!!
Great pictures....wonderful pictures for this grandmother!!!
Will has changed a bunch since you last posted! He is so pretty! And you can see the love in Rosebud's eyes when she looks at him. How sweet all the young ones are together. Thank you dear ones for the posting. I love you all

Pauline said...


Hannah said...

Finally, a new post!! Love it!! I can't believe how old Will is already. Such a sweetie he is! :)

grammie said...

Ladies, are those beautiful dresses the Peach and Rosebud are wearing the ones you all made? If so...WOW!

Morgan Family said...

Yes,they are! :)

McLanger said...

Aw. All you children are growing up so fast! Little William is the most adorable baby:-) Tell your Momma "hi" from me:-)

Susan said...

Yay!!! You updated!! :)
William is getting SO big... and he is so adorable. The girls' dresses are really cute. Y'all did a great job!