Thursday, September 02, 2010

Catching Up (part 2)

                  The weather has been really breezy recently and we have enjoyed being outside.
              Ivan and Andrew love playing baseball together. Andrew has gotten pretty good at hitting the ball    and its fun to watch them.

I thought the sky looked cool in this picture

...the pitcher..
...Ivan and Lanna...
Ellen likes climbing the tree in the front yard and has gotten pretty high!
Frances recently has started giving Ellen piano lessons.
Ellen has really enjoyed it!
Ivan has wanted to play the trumpet for a while, but just recently was able to start getting lessons.
He is doing really good and catching on really fast.
::Playing the trumpet::
This is his "Bad Guy Face" as he calls it!:)
Alanna loves to draw. She likes sitting beside one of us while we are doing school and steal a piece of paper from us so she can.


grammie said...

I love it! What fun pictures! Such beautiful subjects! You gave us a piece of life at your house, it makes me miss you more and more! I love the pic of BAM in the hat with his "bad guy face"! I could "eat his face off"!!I love the pic of Ivan with Rosebud, I love the running pic of Ivan and the piano and trumpet it! I love the pic of Rosebud with Peaches at the desk. And the great shot of the sky and Ivan walking is great! Very good job! Love you all

Pauline said...

Love the blue background! Thomas & Nathan r really into bat & ball too. Can't wait to play w/ all of y'all & hear Ivan play the trumpet!! Lol!

Joel and Leah said...

Oh my! I so enjoyed seeing pictures! The little ones are getting so big. Andrew is doing math!! What cuties. William looks so much older, he certainly is a handsome little guy. Looks like you all are staying busy!

Susan said...

Andrew looks like quite the man with his cowboy hat. Happy that Ivan is getting to take trumpet lessons. Also, I love the new header picture of y'all. It is absolutely beautiful!!

grammie said...

I love the new header picture and indivdual pics of all of you! What a beautiful group of people!!