Monday, September 20, 2010

Out of the Ordinary...

Going out to eat is a very rare thing for our family, even though we enjoy doing it. Recently, though, friends of ours gave us a Cracker Barrel gift card and we enjoyed a dinner there.

Delicious Hamburger! At least those that had it said it was and it sure looks that way. :) These pics are probably making you hungry!
::Chicken BLT::
Total Deliciousness...;)

So, before we even left Ellen thought about how she had seen big lollipops there and wanted one. She got to pick one out at the Cracker barrel store. Of course, Alanna had to have a taste too. :)
Thank you so much, "y'all", for the night out to dinner and most of all...your friendship!


grammie said...

Wow what good pictures of you all!You ladies look so pretty and the guys looked so handsome! What fun to go out to eat and Peach...that was so sweet of you to share your sucker!
And whoever took the pics of the food needs to consider a career in food photography! Grammie Said!

Susan said...

These are making me hungry!! And I should not be eating this time of night! :)