Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Seven of Us (part 1)

Frances took these pictures of us kids last Wednesday- the wonderful day when she and Matt started courting! We're SO happy for them. As soon as I have a picture of the two, I'll post it. :)
I love the background in this picture
Alanna liked messing with the necklace she had on.:)
I thought the sun in the background looked cool on this one.

I'm so thankful for everyone of my siblings!
I love the look on William's face. :)
Thanks so much for taking them and great job, Frances!


Pauline said...

Totally LOVE the new header & the background is so cool! Franny did a great job!Love ur skirts too! Lol!

grammie said...

Absolutely love it! Great pictures! You might want to forgo a necklace for the Rosebud next time! But, even that is adorable! Love you all

Hannah said...

Wow, she did a great job!!!! And I LOVE the new header and wallpaper!!!!!!!! VERY PRETTY!!!! :) Miss you!

Joel and Leah said...

These are incredible. I want to print one out, but can't decide. You all look so beautiful and handsome; William looks so big in them too. You guys are one good looking bunch. : )