Monday, September 20, 2010


These are just a few random pictures I wanted to post...

 Ivan built boats for Ellen and Andrew. Andrew loves playing with his in the pool.
The one behind the boats...:)
Dad and Will in conversation. :)
He loves to smile at you when you talk to him.
Sunday afternoons at Grandaddy and Grandma's is something we enjoy. No, they weren't on a team for Dutch Blitz since that wouldn't have been at all fair, but of course, they were standing beside each other. So sweet. :)
Anna and Layna (distracted in this picture)
Alanna just loves Matt! He's one of her favorite guys. I think someone else present at the time has rubbed off on her...:)
Beautiful Sunset on the way home.


grammie said...

Love it Love it!! These are terrific! The ones of Butch and Will are precious! I can't wait!!
The boats are something!! And I love the pics of Matt and Rosebud and Matt and some other girl :-)
But the winner for this round is the picture of IVAN THE BUILDER!!!!
What a terrific picture!! His strength and determination really show in this pic! I think I have to have it! I love his expression! I'll check with you on this later! Love all of you!

Pauline said...

Love your shirt Anna! The pics r all so good, I love seeing a new post each time I get on!! :)

Morgan Family said...

Thanks Pauline!