Thursday, September 09, 2010

::Summer Fun::

A favorite pastime for all of us this summer has been swimming. It's totally refreshing to get in the pool, get exercise and relax when it's blazing hot outside. We feel very blessed to have a pool
Ellen...yes, we look like the biggest geeks with goggles (!). :)
Trying to keep someone jumping in at all times....
Ivan is under so now it's Andrew's turn!
He adjusts his goggles and now he's ready to go....

Alanna LOVES being in the pool. She asks at least once a day to get in the"pool water" ( that's what she calls it):)
Andrew is getting good at swimming and flipping into the pool. He loves going swimming and would live in it if he could!
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Pauline said...

Guys, those pool pics r making me seriously jealous!!:) That pic of Andrew diving is so cool!!