Thursday, November 25, 2010

Andrew's birthday!

Andrew is six years old today!

It seems as if it was just a couple years ago when Dad's phone call to Grandaddy and Grandma's house awoke us children on Thanksgiving was 7:45 a.m. when I heard the news from Daddy: "The baby is here! His name is Brian Andrew!"

"Yeah!!!" Was the instant response. "When can we come see him?" My siblings and I queried Grandma.

"Tonight." That thanksgiving was one of the best ever! We children spent a wonderful day with our extended family while Mom and Dad and our new baby brother were at the hospital. Anticipation was felt in the air as we left that evening after the family had departed to go meet our new brother!

And that was six thanksgivings ago....What a special day! Once again, this thanksgiving, we are privileged to celebrate Andrew's birthday!!!!

A- Animated
N- Neat
D- Determined
R- Rigid
E- Energetic
W- Winsome

We can't imagine live without him......
We love you so much Andrew!!!!!



Pauline said...

Love these pics- wow Charity u look so grown-up!! :)

Joel and Leah said...

What a precious post for your brother. I love the last picture of Andrew with a baseball bat. Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday to Andrew! Can't wait to see y'all again. :)