Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Way back then...Part 1

While in Georgia we went to a very neat place called "Obediah Park". It was set up how things were for a family in the 1800's and even had the old cabins, etc. We took a picnic lunch and spent hours there. Their was a log cabin that could sleep a family of thirteen! And you could go in every room! Ivan and Lewis had fun being Indians, "Cheetah" and "Blackhawk" were their names. :) they wanted us girls to be the ladies at the house that they attacked and Andrew and Landon were the guys....:) It was so neat that you were able to go there and spend as long as you wanted...

Alanna had rung the old bell and was very pleased with herself.


Little Miss

Andrew and Landon watching the "Indians" :)



Lydia and Anna

On stage...:)
Anna, Lydia, and I....we all had so much fun together!

On the 1100 foot boardwalk over swamps that goes to the houses.

A lady with a "pitcher" on her head.

We had such a great time with ya'll, Uncle Daniel, Aunt Christy, Lydia, Lewis, Landon and Lilah!!! Thanks so much for letting us come visit....we look forward to the next time!!!


grammie said...

Love em! I like the "Little Miss" pic of Alanna, she's looking so grown up :-( :-)
And the pic of you girls in the rocking chair is so pretty. What fun to have such a place to "act out"! Really a great place for the guys!

Patrick and Hannah Walsh said...

Looks like y'all had a lot of fun with your cousins. Glad y'all were able to spend time with them!