Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Way Back Then....part 2

More pictures of Obediah Park! This post is focusing on things....

It was so neat to see some of the different tools they used back in the 1800's. Most of the pics should be self explanatory although I do want to add that the little cabin, # 18, was the boys hideout. :) They had so much fun pretending to be Indians!

I love History and enjoy learning about how our forefathers lived. Of course, the most important of our forefathers are the ones who passed their faith down to us... the founders of our nation who Loved the Lord and lived their lives to glorify Him are the ones I thank God for.

Live each day following the example Christ set,

You are living the legacy for your children and grandchildren,

Leave them one that in the future someone will hear them say,
"Yes, I remember the good old days, when Mama (Grandmama) spoke of Christ.
This is what brought me to be saved!"
Living a life for the generations future, a remnant of you,
Walk after the Spirit of God, do not chase after man, for man is fallible and corruptible,
only God has the Master plan,

In the good old days, Christ was here among us, teaching us God's ways,
He left us a plan of salvation,
He showed us the body was the temple of God,
then men tore it down and He raised it up in three days,

Those were truly the good old days,
they are coming again but this time you could be part of that plan,

Accept Christ today!
(poem by Unknown Author)

"Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations: ask thy father, and he will shew thee; thy elders, and they will tell thee." - Duet. 32:7


grammie said...

Charity, I love the poem you added to the pictures! I, of course, love most that it is your testimony! Oh, how I love that you have a testimony!!!!!! :-) I am soooo very grateful to the Lord for your salvation. I love you Darlin.

Joel and Leah said...

Really neat pictures, Charity. I love American history as well. Looks like a great place.