Friday, December 24, 2010


We’re back from our vacation! We had a wonderful time. I look forward to sharing a lot more about it in upcoming posts…

We arrived home around 11:00 p.m. on Mon. night. Shortly thereafter, Ellen got sick (with the stomach bug) , then I followed the next morning, and then Alanna and then Mom, and today, Ivan. Andrew got the bug while we were away but thankfully the rest of us were spared from it then. Now, Dad and Anna are the only ones who haven’t gotten it so far.

I so despise the stomach bug. It’s absolutely awful! At least it’s not life threatening though! That’s one of the things I’d remind myself of when I was going through it. You know, it’s not cancer, we’re all still here…we’re together. So I need to count my blessings. And, after all, it’s over in a day or so most the time for us!

I'm really looking forward to Lord- willing, seeing a bunch of people I haven't seen for weeks since we've been gone over this coming weekend!

Today, we celebrated our Christmas! Ivan was able to celebrate, too, he just couldn't eat the Christmas dinner, today, that is!

To all of you I just want to say...


grammie said...

Oh Sugar! We're so sorry about the stomach bug! I hope Ivan is much stronger today. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! We continue to miss you all and coming home tonight to this big, empty house was sad...sniff
Love you all moocho

Anonymous said...

We were SO sorry to hear that the virus spread once you got home.:( I hope that you were well enough to spend time with the Florida family on Christmas. We continue to pray that Brian and Anna won't get it too so that you can enjoy a wonderful New Year's. We loved getting to see you.