Thursday, December 09, 2010


Just a few random pictures from this past weekend....

On the way to Patrick and Hannah's for Adrian's birthday. I had a fever that day so couldn't go. :( Big bums...and Lana stayed home too.
Best cousins! With birthdays only two days apart!
Branond, Adrian, Hannah-Lynn, and Andrew had fun on the haybales!

Adorable Hannah-Lynn
Andrew got to get on Adrian's horse.
Andrew and Adrian
Hannah-lynn and Anna
Sunday at Grandaddy and Grandma's after church....Ivan, the couple:), Anna, me
Andrew, Willie and James- the baby doll. He's named after James M. :)

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grammie said...

Love it! The last picture of Andrew and Will is especially precious! What a beautiful smile that baby boy has! And the pic of you ladies is great! You all are looking so old!
Love you