Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snow was comin’!

DSC04344 The first Saturday we were there we went to the Taylors. Aunt Mae was due with the baby two days before we came to Ohio so we figured we should spend some time with them first in case she had the baby while we were there like we were hoping. But, you know how it goes…she didn’t end up having the baby girl- Evania Mae- until the day after we left! So, on December 11th we spent some time with them!DSC04334 I loved all the cheery looking things on trees in the yards up there. DSC04351The pond was partially frozen but really frozen by the time we left the next week. DSC04352 DSC04353Lydia Anna was taking pictures of everyone when we didn’t even know it! We were laughing at Thomas and Ivan and one of their latest doings and Anna and I had been pushing Pauline on the swin gand vic versa.DSC04367 DSC04372Ellen and lydia are best buds!!! DSC04373 DSC04375 DSC04379 DSC04380 Ivan and LydiaDSC04389 Chrissy and meDSC04393Nature pictures… DSC04406 DSC04407DSC04402A bunch of the kids down by the pond… the boys were throwing rocks out there to see how frozen it was.DSC04457Fousball…one of our favs!DSC04460 Father- son competition!! The sons won!!:)
DSC04467 Then us girls played against each other! Can you guess who won??!! The two A's did!:):(
By the time we said farewell for the night it was sleeting/raining outside. Snow was comin’ next!!!

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Anonymous said...

I just love looking at pictures of all of you. : ) I am glad that you were able to spend some time with your Taylor looks like you all had a great time. James is still wondering when he will get to see his "new cousins" again. I really hope that you all are staying healthy! Happy New Year!