Thursday, December 30, 2010

When we woke up…

Sunday morning when we woke up it was SNOWING outside!!! We had been praying for snow for weeks before we even came to Ohio and the Lord blessed us with it!!
Ivan and Alanna watching the snow fall!
DSC04490Snow…on our van and on the sidewalk. Little did we know that there was many more inches to come!
DSC04491 DSC04497Later that day we went to Uncle Seth and Aunt Debra’s after church. The snow started coming down really hard while we were there but us three oldest were still able to make it to the Taylors to spend the night!!!!!!

Many more snow pictures of sledding the next day coming soon!!!!!


grammie said...

I love the new header picture! Good photography! And the pics of the snow falling is neat! Yep, the Lord sure gave you the desires of your hearts!
I love seeing the pictures of you all and the just ooozes out all over!

Anonymous said...

We were SO thankful that it snowed so much while you were here, too. We love the snow, and look forward to it's arrival every year.