Sunday, January 02, 2011

Air Force Museum


It’s become tradition to go to the Air Force Museum every time we go to Ohio. This time, though we got to go out in the big hangars where I hadn’t been before and see all the presidential planes, etc. which was really cool.


DSC04823    Kennedy’s Air Force One.  



DSC04825    One the steps.  


At the top.



 DSC04832    The cockpit.

 DSC04835  The plane number- Special Air Mission 26000. All the presidential planes are SAM26000, 27000 and so on.



 DSC04836                                       Andrew was so sweet holding Alanna’s hand. :)

 DSC04844 DSC04846

These two were just an experiment. :)

DSC04847 DSC04851 DSC04856

Self-portrait. Pretty obvious. :)

 DSC04871    Planes…        DSC04872 DSC04876 



Serious Willie.



DSC04884    Drew by one of the concoctions in the experimental section.

 DSC04888    Looks like a good hiding spot. :)

 DSC04890    Me and Willie in front of an F16…always wanted to fly one of these. No, I’m totally kidding…:) Although it might be cool to do some flying in a small plane, not sure since I’ve never done it!  

  DSC04902 DSC04903When Dad’s family was stationed in Nebraska, these missiles (the minutemen) were in front of the base where ‘Pop’ worked. DSC04906 DSC04907


These were memorials for different things in front of the Air Force Museum, I just thought they looked neat with the snow on them.

DSC04911 DSC04912


Blue skies!

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