Sunday, January 02, 2011

Clifton Mill

 While we were in OH we went to see all the lights- 3.5 million! – at Clifton Mill. It was gorgeous!
This picture is through one of the cut out parts on the covered bridge you walked across to get into the main area.
DSC04984    Beautiful lights…
DSC04988     Ohio versus MI. DSC04994     The little village. DSC04997

The fire truck (you can see the red lights from it somewhat) was completely buried under the snow. When we were talking about Clifton Mill later that night, Andrew said there was one thing he didn’t like about. You guessed it: The fire truck being buried under the snow! He said he wished he could go over the fence and get all the snow off cuz that just wasn’t right. Kids.:)
 DSC05041    James and Abby were fascinated.  
 DSC05044 DSC05052  The mill. DSC05054    Reindeer on the roof. :)
 DSC05055 DSC05059Christmas decorations in one of the buildings.        
 DSC05064The covered bridge.  
DSC05086    The mill
Uncle Joel and Jared
 DSC05099 DSC05160   Abby, Ivan, me…trying to stay warm!
 DSC05101 DSC05105    Cousins 

 DSC05146 DSC05152    Ignore Mom’s eye! :/ Alanna had been peeking out all the windows on the bridge when we were walking out to the car and saying “Bye pretty lights.” :)


grammie said...

Beautiful! You got some very beautiful pictures!! That sounds like worry about the fire truck...cutie.

The Anders said...

Looks beautiful and like tons of fun!