Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We talk (We wouldn’t be girls if we didn’t do allot of that!:)), we laugh together, cry together, and pray together too.
We’re cousins, "adopted sisters"…and best friends. Throughout the years we’ve done all sorts of crazy things (won’t recollect all those!:)) when we’ve been together and made tons of memories.
Cousins are awesome! I have 30 of them on Mom’s side who are all younger then me. It’s a loud house when we get together but it’s a blast too:)
We were trying to get a picture in the snow together, our photographer was being a little slow:) (its called two little cousin girls:)), so we were FREEZING! (as you can see in the 1st picture, it was snowing!)
DSC05190 (2)
When we were up in OH we even tried recording a CD together. It was fun and interesting too:)
Christina was too cute. She asked me to take a picture of her and I so I tried doing it in the mirror cuz of mirror pictures in the past that I’ve liked how they turned out. Since I used the flash, it turned out pretty interesting but she was happy with it:) little kids are always wanting me to take pictures of them and then let them see it. I never did that when I was little cuz such cameras didn’t exist!

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Mae said...

Love the picture of you four girls. Did you'll get one of your photographers? Sweet one of Christina - she really likes you Charity! :)