Thursday, January 06, 2011

Just some more…

I will post sledding pictures eventually it’s just that many of them I’m waiting to get in the mail so then I’ll just do it all at once. A bunch of them were taken on Pauline’s camera so she put them on a disc for me…

As always, it was SO much fun getting to spend time with some of our very best friends!!!


These four always like to play Risk together when we come up.

DSC04732 Best buds!

DSC04734 Christina is taking violin lessons and it’s so cute to watch her play.

DSC05181 Cookies from our tea party.


Susan said...

Loved all your pictures from Christmas and your time in Ohio. It was great seeing y'all and I loved just catching up on your blog. That picture of Christina playing the violin is just so darling. Love y'all.

Mae said...

Love the picture of Andrew and Nathan...they both have such cute, handsome smiles. Also didn't realize you took a picture of the guys playing Risk...that has certainly become a tradition. So glad you'll got to come up and that we had so much time together.