Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Morgan Christmas

We enjoyed celebrating Christmas with all of Dad’s family this year!

Aunt Leah planned a bunch of fun games for the kids…-Put the hat on the snowman, –see how many candycanes you can hook onto one- pass the gift around and everytime the music stops unwrap a layer, - “Pop says” (same as Simon says!:))…they really enjoyed them all!

Then there were presents for everybody. The grandchildren all drew names with one another and then the couples did the same. Then Grammie and Pop had gifts for all of us.

Someone put the sign up as a joke!!!:)…

All the decoration were beautiful, that’s one thing I absolutely love about Christmas!

This is all the Morgan grandchildren at present…Alanna had already been changed into her pj’s since someone didn’t realize we were going to get a picture. :)


We had a great time celebrating Christmas…for the first time in 2010!

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Mae said...

You did get to celebrate Christmas alot, didn't you? Such a neat picture in front of the fireplace of all the cousins.