Thursday, January 06, 2011


I'm blessed with three beautiful sisters...

Anna is great! We come up with so many ideas and are able to relate well most of the time since we are so close in age.

People used to think we were twins although we don't get that as much anymore. One time she and I were at Goodwill and this lady kept looking at us and then she's like "So you're the mother and she's the daughter right?" I said (totally shocked) "We're sisters!!!" Then she's like: "I though maybe you were." And I should've added "and we're only 21 months apart...not 21 years!" :)

Ellen is one of a kind.:) Now, with her I've been told: "Oh, you have such a beautiful daughter!" I told the guy she was my sister. Later, a friend and I were talking about it and that person was like: "Oh, you should have said: Thanks, this is my 4th." :) Humorous, but I don't think I do that...unless I just wanted to see the person flip out only to tell them I was joking!

Alanna is precious, adorable and just so sweet. People don't ask as much if she's my daughter, etc. they generally just make comments about how beautiful she is. :)

I can't imagine life without any of my sisters....cuz they're some of my very best friends!

{All pictures taken by Susan}


Hannah said...

Aww, beautiful pictures!!!!

Liz said...

Great pix of ya'll...they're cute!!!

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous pictures!! I am so thankful for each of you.

~Aunt Leah