Monday, February 14, 2011


Yesterday was Dad's 37th birthday....

He was born in Asmara, Ethiopia, Africa! His parents (Pop and Grammie) were stationed in Saudi Arabia and after just walking past a hospital there, knew they did NOT want to have their baby there. So, they were flown to a base in Asmara, Ethiopia to have their little boy.
Dad was two days old and this is the first picture of him. Three days later they flew back to Saudi Arabia. This was before Pop and Grammie were Christians, and when they were asked if he was five weeks old (they wouldn't have been allowed to go home if he wasn't) they lied and said he was. Little did they know, that only one week later that base would be overtaken by Ethiopian rebels (or something of that sort) that weren't wanting the base there. He was the last baby born at that base. God spared their lives!
Yes, believe it or not...this is Dad at 1 year old. Grammie didn't trust the Saudi barbers to cut his hair and they weren't going to so they didn't get it cut until they went to another military base to get Tera's (Dad's older sister's) tonsils removed.
Not sure why, but we don't have any pictures of Dad between the ages of two and twelve that we know of. He did a couple photo albums when he was a teenager so this is why he had pictures of his own of him at these ages. This is him at 13, playing Baseball when they were stationed in Belgium.
They visited Normandy....
And Paris and alot of other places in Europe while they were over there in the late 80's.
Dad at 14....let's just say I like the glasses and hairstyles today a whole lot better:)
Dad and a friend showing their class rings!
Dad and his classmates on stage.
Class of 1991

Blowing out his candle yesterday. Guess Andrew thought he'd need some help!:)

Obviously, these are just a few of many. When Dad is around 18/19 is when they're alot more pictures, but there's someone else in almost all of them: Mom! They're from their courting days and then lots of wedding pictures, but you'll have to wait for those until their anniversary in August....

We love you and are thankful for you, Dad!!!

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grammie said...

Thanks for the memories, Darlins!! I have many pictures of your dad in between your more "empty" years! I guess he didn't have posession of them for his album. Great job!
I love you people