Thursday, February 17, 2011

Was a coon...

He kept eating the cats food. When we’d wake up in the morning, though, the kitten's food was gone when it’d been full the night before. We’d seen him out there a few times doing it, and Rusty (the kitten) would climb on top of the freezer on the back porch or hide behind something and just watch Mr. Racoon.

Before him it was two black cats that came for several-times-a-day visits to steal the kittens food. They just wonder around this area, getting all the food they can get their paws on. The smaller cat has a few bb’s in him, and hasn’t been seen around this place since. Maybe this cat is an unusual one and is somewhat smart!

But the big cat….he took a lot more then that. He now walks with a limp (and no I don’t feel to sorry for him, since I DON’T like cats!) and we assume it’s because of the multitude of bb’s in him. And we haven’t seen any food stealing going on from the cats since he limped away after the most recent night of bb overload! After all he does have nine lives, right?

Well, back to the coon. We’d gotten home from church last Wednesday and were getting ready to hit the hay when Ivan spotted the coon on the back porch. Dad got his 22 rifle and snuck around from the side of the house. He took four or five bullets before his misery was ended, and was buried in the back yard.

Rusty the kitten now thinks he rules the place because no more coons and cats are stealing his food for the present time and likes his happily ever after. Now, we have to teach Rusty that he can’t overtake Cody (the dog) like he thinks he can since his head seems to have been swollen up by his rule over the place.

End of story.

Hope you enjoyed this little tale of one of the many things that happen around our place that you might find interesting.

Note: to all of you who oppose my view on cats, you're certainly entitled to your own opinion. =)

the gone coon.

the king kitten.

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grammie said...

What a fun short story!!!!
Good for BB's!!!!!!! I join you in the dislike of cats! Kittens are adorable, but I don't like grown cats.
Anyway...good job on the coon too! Now lets hope that the coon hadn't already put your location on a coon bulletin board!