Thursday, March 03, 2011

::family vacation::

Here are some pictures from Thursday night! We rented a big conference room in the hotel for every one to eat and hang out in that night.
Alayna watching out the window while we waited for Grandaddy and Grandma to come....

After we ate Grandaddy and Grandma shared how they met! It was really cool because the grandkids had never heard.

The DELICIOUS Sonny's food!

After we ate most of us took a walk on the beach! It was so cool!
This is Charity, mine, Frances, and Matt's shadow...

Tj put Josiah up on the post and he would jump down!:)  A few other kids tried it out too!:)
After we took a walk we went back into the conference room and played games and talked.

:)They loved how much they were together that weekend!:)
...tired William...
Grandaddy and William
Pictures from Friday and Saturday coming soon!


Mae said...

Oh, fun to see all the pictures. You crack me up with the pictures of the shadows. :) Glad everyone had such a good time...the games look fun!

Pauline said...

Love the shadow pic- so were u guys the chaperones???!!:)

Anna said...

I guess you could call us that:), Cuz we were with them a lot!