Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just a few more...

Saturday morning of the Harding family Vacation Matt and Frances were having their engagement pictures taken. Anna and I (Charity) went down to the beach...it was fun to watch!

So excited about their wedding in September!!!

That morning a bunch of the kids got in the hot tub and some in the pool....

They had fun with all the bubbles in the water. :)
Their popular for this post...:)
Layna on top of the fort.
Anna and Suzanna
Ella and I
Ready for the canon firing demonstration!
Giving instructions...
Ready, set
We got to see the draw bridge come up!

We had such a wonderful time that weekend. Nine of the eleven siblings and their families came, and it was so great to all be together. It's something we all agreed we should do again someday!

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