Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March Birthday Celebrations!

Celebrating birthdays around is always fun around our house! Ivan’s was March 10th and Anna’s was a week later. On March 11th, we went to the Rainbow River Club as an outing for both of their birthdays! Thank you very much, M. family for sharing your membership their with us!

Playing poll…
and foosball.

DSC02524 The Rainbow River.
DSC02525 Back from kayaking…
DSC02532Sister and Brother
DSC02518 Ready to go fish in’!DSC02536The fish Andrew caught!
Ivan’s birthday party….
DSC02552 Blowing out the candles!
Opening presents! The shoe box, was used to disguise a gift. Wrapping presents in their normal shape and size is against the rules at our house! :)
DSC02590 Willie was fascinated with the big, stuffed Bob the Builder!
Normally as a decoration for birthdays, we always make a sign and hang it up somewhere in the house.

Anna’s birthday…
DSC03055You can’t see her skirt, but she was wearing a bright green one for St. Patrick’s Day! :)
DSC03095 When Uncle Ryan was over for Ivan’s birthday he worked on the go-kart and took care of the needed repairs! Thank you, Uncle Ryan!
DSC03116 Since then, we’ve all been enjoying driving/riding it!
DSC03163 This is another thing we typically do for birthdays: put streamers or balloons outside the birthday person’s bedroom door as a surprise for when they come out on their birthday morning. Ivan did this for Anna’s birthday.
DSC03165 Anna with her birthday cake.
DSC03168 Anna and Frances. Frances was ‘Mattless’ that night but we saw to it that she survived just fine! :)
DSC03174Reading cards
DSC03184 and opening presents. A Hershey's candy bar was inside the empty baby wipes container!
DSC03248 Anna got a ring from Dad and Mom for her birthday. It’s another thing that makes a neat picture object. :)
DSC03308 Have a great Wednesday!


Hannah said...

Wonderful pictures!! And that ring is gorgeous.. ;)

JoHannah's Haiti Happenings said...

Happy Bithday Anna! Love the ring!

Mae said...

Nice Dude!That looked freakin cool!!-Thomas