Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Wedding!!!

This past Saturday (March 19th) was Jared and Joy’s wedding!!!!
It was such an exciting occasion that we’ve (I think almost everyone who knows them…) has been looking forward to for a very long time!! It’s hard to believe that it’s actually happened sometimes because I’ve been thinking about it happening for so long!

This wedding definitely had a first time experience for me: I played the piano for it!! For a while before I was nervous about it. I know different ones of ya’ll prayed for me about it, thanks so much ya’ll! Then Rehearsal night came which, sadly, I forgot to take pictures of :( :( and it was so much fun! There was constantly something to laugh about! This was in no small part due to Granddaddy (which isn’t unusual especially for wedding Rehearsals) and Joy’s siblings! After that night, I realized God had used it to help me relax about the next day!  And after many, many hours of practicing (that my family endured!) I think it turned out pretty good and I was just amazed at how well everything went over all. Ben, one of Joy’s brothers, accompanied on the violin for several of the prelude and one of the ceremony songs. He did a great job and I really liked the affect that the violin added! It was an experience that I’m thankful for, and would love to do again someday!!

The sanctuary pictures aren’t the clearest, but you can still make them out so here’s a few!


Granddaddy (Pastor), Jared (THE GROOM!), and the groomsmen…
Saying their vows to each other…
The Bride’s cake!
Jared and Joy with their wedding party, minus the flower girl and ring bearer.:)
Anna curled the ribbon for the tables.
Aunt Joy, Hannah Lynn, me, Frances
 DSC03512       We coordinated without even planning on it! So many people were wearing bright blue Saturday.
 DSC03519                                                                                          About to leave….
Ellen wore the dress I wore when  I was junior bridesmaid in Uncle Tj and Aunt Susan’s wedding. 
Frances was the photographer for the wedding! She did an amazing job! To see a few of the pictures visit her photography blog.
“The Lord has done great things, whereof we are glad.”


Susan said...

I loved seeing these pictures!!
That picture of the guys at the front is great. Jared and Dad both look so happy!
I love y'alls dresses... I want to see more pictures of those. :)
Glad the piano playing went well.
Oh, and Ellen look so pretty in that dress. :)

grammie said...

Ditto Susan!!
That dress looks like it was made for Peaches! It's a great color for her. I'm very grateful for the pictures Junior!