Wednesday, May 18, 2011

egg hunt and ice cream

A couple nights ago Dad and Mom hid a few dozen eggs and did an egg hunt for Ivan, Ellen, Andrew and Lana. The blinds were closed so they couldn’t see where they were hiding them. Well, Willie kept peeking out them!

egg hunt pictures

Looking in every possible hiding spot…egg hunt pictures-1

Counting the eggs when they were part way through to see how many they’d gotten. 

egg hunt pictures-4

Then, when they thought they’d gotten all 43, they counted all of them. This piece of paper says that he can get ice cream!

egg hunt pictures-5

He was so happy when he opened this egg and found a quarter! There were a few of them that had quarters, so each of us got one.

egg hunt pictures-6 

egg hunt pictures-7

Lana was enjoying munching away on her Skittles.

egg hunt pictures-8

All different bright colors…

egg hunt pictures-9

Then, Dad decided that we could go ahead and get ice cream that night. So we went to McDonalds

egg hunt pictures-10

and enjoyed ice cream cones

egg hunt pictures-11

and delicious sundae’s!

egg hunt pictures-12

It was great to do something fun all together! Everyday we get opportunities to make lasting memories, and too often we just don’t make the time and take the effort to do so. We (and I) have to remember that we only get this time together, we really aren’t promised tomorrow. Take some time together as a family today!

“In the house of the righteous is much treasure: but in the revenues of the wicked is trouble.”

{Proverbs 15:6}


grammie said...

What fun! (and then we made you do it AGAIN :-)

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