Saturday, May 14, 2011

spring days

These past several weeks, our days have been full to overflowing! On March 30, Andrew and Ivan finished school for the year. Then a week later, Anna and I finished, and then Ellen did the following Monday. It’s been so nice being out of school. I really haven’t even thought about how we’re not in school much, since I’ve been so busy with other things!

On April 5, Mom and Dad went to a free “Dinner with the Doc”. The doc is a Wellness Chiropractor. After going to the dinner and hearing about this doc’s treatment methods, they were amazed out what he does! He and the other chiropractors at Chiropractic USA are by no means regular chiropractors, and are concerned about getting to the root of the problem and fixing that rather then just temporarily getting you out of pain like most chiropractors do, unfortunately. Mom has been to this chiropractor about 15 times since then, and is seeing results. And not just in much less pain, but in comparing x-rays and pressure-on-nerves tests taken on her first visit compared to ones taken three visits ago. We’re so thankful that Mrs. L shared about him with us, and how the Lord is using him to be of such a great help! I plan on sharing more about this in an upcoming post.

Her going to the Chiropractor has meant more babysitting (lots and lots…:)! We have a garden where squash, okra, and tomatoes are coming in right and left these days! We’re thankful for all the produce. Then there’s spring cleaning, company, church functions, outside projects, sewing, instruments to practice, books to read, laundry to do, typical house cleaning, plenty of baking, and day to day cooking, things to sell, notes to write, and much, much more! You get the picture, plenty to keep us busy! Really, we wouldn’t have it any other way though.

Then, there’s things much more important then those listed above, things that don’t just matter for the here and now!… there’s people everywhere that need Jesus Christ, hurting relationships, missionaries that would be so blessed by all of us giving sacrificially. And there are Christian families that have lost all they have through the recent tornadoes, with some of them even losing a family member. What are we doing about them? Our family has been reminded of the need to be willing and eager to give to those in need, and be praying for them too! When I try to imagine if that were us, it puts everything in perspective! The Lord has challenged us as a family:

 “What are WE doing for others?” and

What can WE do so we can give more?”

Here’s a few pictures…

The garden is checked everyday for new produce.

spring days

Precious Analee

spring days-1

Going for a walk…

spring days-2

The tree swing is alot of fun!

spring days-3

Hershey cake. I’d forgotten how good that cake is:)

spring days-4

Reading time with Mommy 


Squeaky clean!


Yummy picnic lunches.

spring days-5 

Anna ironing.


There’s wildflowers everywhere!


“He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack: but he that hideth his eyes shall have many a curse.”

{Proverbs 28:27}

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McLanger said...

So glad to hear your Mom is going to a Chiropractor! I am going to Chiropractic USA also, here in Ocala. They are wonderful and I have been almost pain free for a few months now:-) Great news!