Thursday, June 09, 2011

family day

Many years ago, a tradition in the Morgan family was started. Once a year, the whole family gets together and celebrates what we call “family day”. We enjoy each other’s company: catching up, talking, laughing, being outside, a delicious brunch, a mid afternoon dinner, and a lively game of day Cousins having their morning devotions.
0 Setting the table for brunch
family day-2 Ellen and Brianna were so sweet to push and pull these two around!
family day-3 Definitely one of Andrew’s favorite things about our trip was driving the jeep! He just loved doing it, and taking younger ones along with him.
family day-4 The boys chasing the girls [smile]
family day-5 Grammie and Aunt Leah working in the kitchen.
family day-6 Ivan (with one of his most diverse facial expressions!) and Nanaw with the painting he gave her.
family day-7 Olivia was so sweet always wanting to sit in Nanaw’s lap.
family day-8 Listening
family day-9 Nanaw and I
family day-10 DELICIOUS desserts!
family day-11 Playing chess.
family day-12 And now Bingo!  A much anticipated part of the day…
family day-13 Aunt Vicki hands out the score cards.
family day-14 Nanaw, Olivia, and Pop wait for the game to begin…
family day-15
And then Grammie starts calling out the numbers. Did I mention laughter? Well, that’s a big part of every family get together we have! [smile].

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”
Psalms 118:24


The Anders said...

Loved seeing pictures of all the Morgans...all the kids are growing up so much! Btw, that hershey cake looks super yummy! :)

grammie said...

Great pictures!! But, Junior, you should have posted the BEAUTIFUL tables you and Cakes prepared for the meals! What a delight you all are!! Love you! Thanks for making me cry....again...

Mae said...

love all the pictures. Tell Ivan he did an excellent job on the painting. :) You know, Anna, I still have the one you gave me years was up over my sewing cabinet but think it has fallen down...need to put it up again. :)

Morgan Family said...


And if I did that, I should also have taken more pictures of the DELICIOUS food and extremely CLEAN house...thank you again for ALL your hard work!!!