Tuesday, June 07, 2011

:: great times ::

With much anticipation we look forward to when we can get together with the Uncle Gordon, Aunt Mae, and their eight children. Our families just love being together and have SO much in common! Monday (5/23/11) we went over there and spent the day, the night, and a good part of Tuesday. Here are some of the pictures of our time over there…

Alanna said it was ‘her day’ so she got to lay in the recliner. [smile]taylors inside  

William and Evania really liked each other. It was so cute to watch them interact with one another! This was our first time to see Evania.taylors inside-3


We enjoyed working in the kitchen together. It makes it ten times funner when it’s other people besides you working in the kitchen and you’re all working together and having a great time! Here Aunt Mae is decorating Michael’s birthday cake. It was his birthday the day we came over!taylors inside-4 

Adina sweetly entertaining William and Christina.taylors inside-5 

Alanna really enjoyed Evania too.taylors inside-6

There were three very eager little people sitting at the table waiting for dinner. The cake was the center piece. Isn’t it cute?taylors inside-2

Andrew and Nathan thoroughly enjoying their dinner. After dinner, there was a tornado watch and warning so we had to go down to the basement for a while. We had Michael’s birthday party down there. After around an hour, the severe weather had passed and we were able to come back up and have devotions in the living room. We’re thankful for the Lord’s mercy during that storm!taylors inside-1

The tree swing is loads of fun!!! We all took turns pushing each other on it. The time we spend at their house always include lots of outdoor fun! [something I greatly enjoy, by the way…]taylors outside

taylors outside-12

It feels really cool when the person pushing you does an underdog! taylors outside-13

Thomas and Ivantaylors outside-1 

William was determined to get to the swing where Mom and Alanna were!taylors outside-2

Lydia and William

taylors outside-3 

Ellen and Evaniataylors outside-4

Fishin'… the bummer is that they have to throw all fish accept the catfish back! [frown] I guess the nieghbor wants to make sure his fish population doesn’t decrease. They caught a big catfish but weren’t able to reel it in because it broke the line!taylors outside-5 

What cute girls! They were pretending that Lydia was Alanna’s mother, and Ellen was Christina’s mother. [smile] taylors outside-6 

Exploring the woods! This was after a long water balloon fight in which both teams were determined not to lose! We eventually had to go with a truss so the fight would end. [big smile]

taylors outside-8 

Ellen, Andrew, Nathan, and Lydia eating ice pops after the water balloon fight.taylors outside-9

The boys exploring.  taylors outside-11   

To all ten of you Taylors….thank ya’ll again SO VERY MUCH for having us in your home! Thanks for making lots and lots of wonderful memories with us all over again! We enjoyed every minute of it and can’t wait until ya’ll come to our home! We love you all!!!

“ Every good and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”

James 1:17


Thoma$ said...

Awesome!Can't wait 4 U guys 2 cum back.(or us go down)

Susan said...

Love these pictures. I'm so glad y'all got to spend time together and make fun memories.
By the way, I'm loving those dresses on Alanna and Ellen... did you make them? They are SO cute!!

Mae said...

So glad you'll could come over...we love and look forward to it so much. The basement experience we will all remember. Mikey was trying to tell me today at church that he could go in the nursery cause he wasn't three anymore and I reminded him of the party. :) Great pictures, love the one of Alanna in the chair, she really looks like a doll. and yes, Charity , you did a beautiful job on the dresses. We look forward to coming down and all the children can't wait to swim in your pool :).

Morgan Family said...

Thomas, I can't wait to come back either!!!!
Aunt Susan, I did make the dresses!
Aunt Mae, I'm SO glad we got to come over too!!! That's too funny about Mikey. [smile] CAN'T WAIT to see y'all again!!!