Monday, June 13, 2011

just wondered

are y'all seeing our recent blog posts showing up on your Dashboard? For an unknown reason, they aren't showing up on my end. I guess it's not that big of a deal, but I just wondered.

Also, how does the new formatting look? The size of pictures? Can you see (with you browser zoom on 100%) the side panels with the stripes?

Thank y'all very much in advance for your feedback...


grammie said...

A. I don't quite know what a dashboard is, but I come to your blog to check for new posts.
B. I see stripes on the side of the pictures...which are beautiful :-)(the pictures, not the stripes)
C. You could do very little that I would not find lovely and wonderful because I love that you are doing this and I look sooooooo forward to every post and every picture and every word...and I read and look and reread and relook.
Does this help, my Beloved? :-)

Morgan Family said...

The dashboard is when you log into your blogger account from
I'm glad the formatting looks good on your end.
And it did help! [grin]
Love you!

Thoma$ said...

The print is smaller :/ I can see the stripes,but they r girly.?.

Morgan Family said...

Tommy boy [grin],

Yes...the stipes are!