Monday, June 20, 2011


Ellen is nine today!

E- enjoyable
L- loving
L- lively
E- energetic
N- nutty

Ellen plays great with Alanna.

She *loves* holding babies.

And having fun with her brothers!

She's beautiful....which is pretty obvious! [smile]

Us four sisters...

She loves getting to be with Ivan...

Happy 9th Birthday Ellen Gloria!!!
We love you!

"Hear counsel, and receive instruction, that thou mayest be wise in thy latter end."
-Proverbs 19:20


Mae said...

So sweet and such beautiful pictures! Love the one with all four of you girls and her holding Evania. Also love the one of her on the front porch in the beutiful dress. Looking forward to seeing you'll soon. :)

Morgan Family said...

We're VERY excited about seeing ya'll soon too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [BIG grin]


grammie said...

I agree with EVERYTHING!! The name acrostic was right on! You captured her in commentary perfectly!

Susan said...

Happy belated birthday to Ellen. Btw, I never saw a sweet 16 birthday post... did I miss it?

Morgan Family said...

Aunt Susan...
Yes, there was a birthday post! Anna did it a few days after the actual day. Here's the link:

-Charity =)

Treasure said...

Happy Birthday Ellen! I hope your day was a great one!