Thursday, June 09, 2011


Charity turned sixteen on June 5th! But, as they say, “It’s better late then never!” [smile]


                   C- CREATIVE

                         H- HELPFUL 

                   A- AMAZING

                         R- RESOURCEFUL

                   I- INSPIRATIONAL

                         T- TENACIOUS

                 Y- well…this is a really hard one…I guess YOUTHFUL??!


Happy Sweet Sixteenth Birthday! We love you lots!


The Anders said...

Pretty pictures girl!

grammie said...

And what a WONDERFUL day it was when the Lord delivered you safely!

Mae said...

Oh, beautiful picture. Did Anna make up the acronymn? That is sweet?

Pauline said...

Yep, u r AMAZING!!:)

Patrick and Hannah Walsh said...

Love the pictures!

Morgan Family said...

Thanks y'all!

Aunt Mae, Anna did the acronymn...although I did think up some adjectives, trying to help her think of ones in the more interesting letters! [grin]


The Huron Family said...

Happy Birthday Charity! Hope your day was great! Thanks for being such a wonderful friend!