Thursday, August 18, 2011

Excitement in the Mail Van

Yesterday the whole family was excited when the mail van pulled up and the mail man got out and gave us this box!

For over two years, I've been saving for a SLR camera. We (Anna and I) love photography and have practiced it quite a bit the past few years. But when the camera is a point and shoot, it just isn't the same as having an SLR. The beginning of this year, Anna got in on saving for it too and we both started scraping all our pennies together! We prayed that God would provide us with the perfect one.

A couple months ago, I started looking into how much the kind of camera I liked would cost. Whew! They sure are expensive! I decided that I wasn’t going to pay retail price because Anna and I agreed that wouldn’t be good use of money.

So I started looking on eBay.

I found tons of the type I wanted, but they consistently went for a price that was too high. It was frustrating, but Anna and I kept looking. And when the bids went above our max price, we knew God had something better for us. HE is involved in all the little details of our lives!

Then I found one, and won the bid. But when the seller didn’t ship the item, I contacted them and found out that they were issuing me a refund because they “didn’t have the item they described in stock”. That was a big bummer.

Only two days later, I found another one, and won the bid… for half the retail price! And for the photgraphers that want to know the details, it's a Canon t1i. And that’s what came in the mail yesterday! It’s so exciting to finally have one, and we’re thankful God answered our prayers! Our siblings are very, very happy about it too and constantly want their picture taken. [grin]

“Whether you eat, or drink,
or whatsoever you do,
 do all to the glory of God.”
1 Corinthians 10:31


Alayna May said...

Wow! That's great Charity and Anna! I'm exited for you and looking forward to seeing lots of beautiful photos. Seems like all my friends are photographers, and I'd like to learn more about it. Are there any good online sites that I could look at for tips?
Have fun with that new camera!
Alayna May

franny said...

Very happy for y'all!

Morgan Family said...

Thanks for commenting! =)

One thing that has really helped me with photography is looking at other people’s blogs and websites that do a good job at it! It’s given me ideas with poses, lighting, angles, and creative things and ways to take pictures of.
Some suggestions are:
(the first three websites are blogs my aunts have! =))
Here are some others: (just a family’s blog, but they take good pictures) (you’ll see a big variety of pictures) (he has pictures and photography tips on his website)
These are some websites I know of.

I think a major thing with photography improvement for me is just to practice: experiment, have fun and be creative! You don’t have to try to make your pictures exactly like someone else’s…. and the neat thing is whenever you take a picture it’ll help you to remember the person, place, event, etc!

I hope this is helpful!!!


grammie said...

I'm absolutely tickled!! I'm so glad you found the one you wanted and could afford! I'm proud of both of you for saving your money and staying focused on your goal! I love you people!
Now keep those pictures comin!

Morgan Family said...


Thank YOU very, very much for your part in it! And you can be sure we'll try our very best to keep those pictures coming! [grin]

Love you too!


Susan said...

SO happy for y'all! That's exciting. :)

Michelly Seidel said... is a good website. She has some amazing pictures and was the one who gave me the Photoshop. She is my dad's coworker's wife.