Friday, September 23, 2011

Catching Up

These past few weeks have found me posting little "everyday life" kind of posts, due to my lack of time to post, and 365 and wedding posts being the primary thing! I have quite a collection of pictures, though, that I decided to share! Some pictures spotlight a few of the things in our family's life lately while others are just random...

Beautiful brother and sister--- if it's okay for me to say that a little boy is beautiful? [smile]

Taking pictures of Ivan and Anna with Anna and I's new camera.

Enjoying cookies some friends gave us!

Smiling pretty for the camera!

Loving each other!

Yogurt and strawberries-- yum!

Window light and pretty blue eyes!

Paint brushes

and watercolor.

Fellowship with the C's...

Playing chess--and beating his elders (for Andrew)!

Doting on William, and involving him in everything! [smile]

Having fun with our new puppy... [Thank you AGAIN, Pop and Grammie!]

Taking a spur of the moment weekend trip! [More on that another time.]

Working on school! [I was snapping a picture of Ivan doing his History video when Ellen wanted to get in it too.]

Having a girls get together before Frances got married!

Spending time with JoHannah...
Practicing music for Matt and Frances' wedding.

 Helping Frances with wedding preparations!...

More trips to and from our church in Williston while preparing for the wedding!

Being with our cute cousins....

Taking more pictures per request. [smile]

Having this little girl as my shadow!...

Watching a lively game of football...until these boys got called in because it was time for the wedding rehearsal to start!

Seeing the pews were full of observors during the rehearsal!


By this time, we were anticipating the day to come, when the "Reserved" pews would be filled, and the long awaited wedding would be happening!

How thankful we're for all the ways the Lord has blessed us!... His mercies truly our new every morning as He gives us the grace we need for each day!

"The way of the Lord is strength to the upright." (Proverbs 10:29)

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