Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wedding Snapshots

I have alot a pictures from Matt and Frances' wedding day and thought I would share some more for those of you who will enjoy them! These pictures are just an assortment, in chronological order. You can see the ceremony pictures here.

  ::Waiting for the wedding to begin::

::Another waiting picture! It was so great having all of the family there, and fun all sitting around each for the wedding. ::

 :: Satin went on sale!....and it was popular that day. [smile] ::

:: Sister snapshots ::

:: Smiles! ::

:: Sisters forever and best friends! Don't they look alike in this picture? ::

:: Some Decorations. I wish I would've gotten more pictures of the fellowship hall decorations, specifically the tables, because they were beautiful! You can see a little of what they looked like in the background of this picture. ::

:: the 9 year old cousins ::


:: Reception...::

:: Introducing the new couple! ::

:: Delicious food::

:: The cake, the feeding of it, and a kiss [grin] ::

:: These three cousins are all 12! ::

:: Cute girls helping pass out rice ::

:: Wedding Rice ::


:: Decorating the truck ::

:: A bunch of the children wanted to see what silly sting felt we let them! ::


:: Showering them with rice and spraying them with silly string!::


:: Off they go!! ::

:: Being chased after! [grin] ::


"The Lord has done great things for us; whereof we are glad."
Psalms 126:3

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Susan said...

Loved these Charity!! Thanks for sharing.