Thursday, October 06, 2011

Following our Blog

I'm writing this post with intent of helping with the confusion over the blog address change and following our blog...

Due to problems with posts not showing up on followers dashboards, the old blog address was changed so I could use it for a "new" blog, the one you're on now. I exported our blog to a 'new' one and we still have the same address.

But...if you followed our old blog, that means you aren't seeing our new posts on the "new" one. Here's what you do to start seeing the posts on your dashboard again (I'll explain what the Dashboard is for those of you who don't know in a minute....)

The following steps are what you do to become a follower of our blog and, if you choose to log on to to check all your blogs for new posts instead of getting on each on individually.

1. type in (see photo)
2 . sign in to your google account. (See photo)

3. You'll now be one what I referred to as the Dashboard. This is what loads by default when you get on and log in. Scroll down, and about halfway down the page on the right side you'll see a little symbol  and when you hover over it it'll say "Manage Reading List", or you might have something that just says "Manage."

4. Selecting this will bring you to the list of blogs you follow. If you followed our old blog click on "Settings" beside the blogs name--It's the latest and the greatest. (See photo)

5. Once It's the latest and the Greatest settings page has loaded find the place where it says "Stop following" and click on that. (See photo)

6. Confirm that you want to stop following. (See photo)

7. Click the back arrow on your internet browser. This will bring you back to your blogger dashboard. (See photo)

8. Find the place where the page reads "Add" and click on that. (See photo)

9. Type in our and click follow. (See photo.)

10. Go back and refresh the dashboard page (if the latter is nessecary) and then you should see our posts on your dashboard. (See photo)

I took some pictures and gave the step by step instructions for those of you that haven't done that before and want help or are confused. I hope it helps! Now, if you still have the old blogger interface the design in the above photos won't be the same, but hopefully the written steps will aid you!

If you know someone else who is confused about this I'd really appreciate it if you'd pass the word along! Thank you very much!

Have a great Thursday!

"But by love serve one another..."

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