Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Willie's News...

Hey Everyone! This is Willie reporting (With a little help!)...

I've been very busy the past few months, so busy that I haven't had time to tell all my adoring followers what I've been busy with. Just six weeks ago, I wasn't walking much at all, and now I can almost run! I've figured out how to get into everything...I mean everything. Did you know that as soon as my big siblings turn their back I can be out of the room and into Daddy and Mommy's room turning the computer off in about three seconds? I'd say that's impressive.

I like to help too. I'm always in the kitchen trying to unload the cupboards, drawers and pantry shelves of all their contents. The big people tell me not to get into it. I only have one drawer to help with. I just don't understand.  And when Charity practices the piano I just have to practice with her. Doesn't she know that I'm going to be a concert pianist someday? The big people say that Alanna is nice to me, but I don't like getting so many hugs. I'm too busy for that. Sometimes I'm so busy that I can't come when Mommy calls, but when they clap for me I like to come.

It's really hard going to sleep too. There's blinds to pull down so I can watch all the exciting things happening outside. Then I try to push my crib slats down but it doesn't work. Don't tell Mommy...but I think I need to try harder. Then I try to reach the books on the shelf near my bed, but that's really hard.

Another thing that keeps me busy is trying to follow all the big people around. My legs are too short to keep up with them, but I'm trying to run as fast as they can. Sometimes I run so fast that I fall. I try to be a big boy and not cry too much.

Eating...that's another thing the rest of my family wants me to do but I don't like doing. Once again, there's just not enough time for that. Especially when they try to feed me nasty things like spaghetti and green beans. I wish they'd just feed me bread and graham crackers with peanut butter all day.

One thing that's helped me in keeping up with the big people is that I can stand on my tippy toes and open all the doors in the house. Sometimes I try to escape out the back door because I want to go see Ford. The big people think I'm too little too run outside all by myself. Don't they know I'm a big boy now?!

My newest interest is throwing matchbox cars over the couch. Everyone just laughs and laughs when I do that and I clap for myself after I throw each car over. I like that they think I'm so funny.

I need to go. I have another cupboard to investigate, another bread slice to eat, a nap I don't want to take, another chance to escape out the back door AND....
countless more hearts to charm!!! [smile]

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grammie said...

GOODNIGHT SUGAR!!!! That was wonderful!!!! You are becoming quite the writer! I smiled throughout because I could just see him doing all that. And the picture is adorable! Thanks for giving this grammie's sore heart a lift. I sure miss all of you.