Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Mountian that Never Rests!

One of the things that's gotten done since we got home is: LAUNDRY! Pictured here is only a few days worth, and eight or so loads has already been done. [smile]

And, in closing, here's a "slightly" revised version of Proverbs 14:4 that I saw on another family's blog.

"Where no Morgans are, the wash machine is empty;
but much increase comes by labor and dirtying of clothes."

{note: to see the 365 pictures from our family vacation scroll further down on this page!}


grammie said...

Praise the Lord for good machines!!

The Huron Family said...

That looks way too familiar...=) I love the new look of your blog.!


Morgan Family said...

Treasure, I know you'd know all about that! =)

I do love getting the mountain conquered even if the neat laundry room only lasts 10 minutes! =)