Monday, January 02, 2012

Making Memories

Our family loves finding free ways to make special memories. For us, our version of a fun and inexpensive family outing goes something like this: go to Sams and enjoy their incredibly fine dining experience with 2 boxes of pizza, go to Wally World and maybe one other store [such as Goodwill], then head to the square to see Christmas lights. [smile] 

:: sisters ::

:: the big Christmas tree ::

:: siblings ::

We saw there was a tractor ride going on and went over to see how much it cost, but found out it was free! On the ride we went didn't just go around the square, we also went to the historic district of town, and enjoyed seeing all the old [and huge!] houses lit up for Christmas.

Then there was a ferris wheel set up. This is waiting in line for the ferris wheel...

Everyone was excited about going on it! None of us had been on one before.

The view from the top!

Alanna even enjoyed it!

We were all thankful God blessed us with an enjoyable evening making memories together. Having the ferris wheel and tractor at the square this Christmas season made it even more fun and we hope they do it again next year!

"Give thanks unto the LORD, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people."
{1 Chronicles 16:8}

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grammie said...

Terrific pictures! Terrific night! What fun! I remember when we went with you to the square at Christmas time, years ago...and then drove around looking at/taking pictures of the houses' lights. The picture of Faye's face while she and the girls were in the ferris wheel seat says it all! Just not toooooo sure about all this! Love you all and are glad you find joy in the "free" things along the way.