Monday, February 13, 2012


Happy 38th Birthday!

Yes, it's the first birthday of the year for our family!...We are extremely blessed to have such a fantastic leader, so much so that we often take this blessing foregranted. We love you, Dad!

Here are some random facts about Dad:

- born in Asmara, Ethiopia
- has lived in Saudi Arabia, Maine, Nebraska, Quebec, Belgium, Ohio, and Florida
- named by his grandfather, was going to be named Coolen Dean
- met Mom after writing her for 5 months
- did two grades of school in one year
- doesn't have to be asked to do dishes
- planned and did much of our house construction (with assistance from friends and family)
- second of four children
- at 14, after accidentally breaking the window of an apartment complex, he landed his first job doing landscaping
- worn glasses/contacts since he was 8
- pastored since 2005
- spends multitudes of hours patiently counseling people
- once dreamed of becoming a missionary pilot
- seen much of Western Europe
- consistently has devotions with all of us
- rode a cable car up Mt. Zugspitze
- has a Bachelor's in Accounting
- came up with Alanna's nickname (precious person)
- wore size 13 shoe at age 14
- can sing all four music parts

"The steps of a good man are
ordered by the LORD:
and he delighteth in his way."
{Psalm 37:23}


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Brian! You all give your father a hug from me, please. ~Aunt Leah

The Anders said...

I like the "can sing all four music parts". After Frances rehearsal, will always be stamped in my memory. :)

Morgan Family said...

Definitely remember that--thankfully he could still sing the next day! =)


Blessed Contentment said...

I am visiting from your link on the Bate's Family Blog. You have a very beautiful family and I am enjoying your lovely blog. My husband and I are originally from Northern Maine.