Friday, March 30, 2012

Alanna Says...

This past year, many people we know have started courting, become engaged, and some of them have gotten married while others are soon to be married. Throughout this season, Alanna has formed her own opinions about marriage, namely the (far off) future prospect of her and we other siblings getting married, “just like Matt and Frances did!”. Though we’ve assured her it won’t be for a long time she still talks about it quite often just because it’s wedding season for friends around here and she seems to think I should be getting married any day now, because, in her eyes, I‘m “so big...just like a mommy!” … 


She says: (Note: for those of you who know Alanna personally use your imagination to recall her voice and insert facial expressions! [smile])
"I don't want you to get married because I would cry when they say "you may kiss the bride" and the
pedals fall, and I would still be sad when you get sprayed with silly string. I don't want you to get dirty with all that stuff on you."
“I don’t want you to not go home with us either.”
Suddenly, her face brightens: “You know what, you can actually come home with us when you get married then I won’t be sad! (I forgot to ask her what my poor husband would do!) I’ll help you get the stuff off you! And Andrew can get married to a girl and you’ll hold me and we’ll spray him with silly sting!…Yeah!….(Starts giggling) and adds: :That’ll be sooo much fun!”
“After Andrew gets married when we go back to our house…and you can drive but I want to drive up the drive way!…and then we’ll play ‘Operation’ for our whole entire life!” It’ll be just a huge party! We can sneak into his room since he won’t be at our house when he gets married!”
when she’s a big girl. Sometimes she says she doesn’t ever want to get married and just be a big girl. She plans to play the piano “with you at the same time!”, then “get a red sewing machine” when she turns eight “because I’ll just be as big as you!”, and to watch William and hang up clothes with me (She already helps a lot with that). Oh ,and don’t forget this essential: “we’ll play ‘Operation’ in Drewy’s room!” And the newest thing: “when I turn four, five is right after that and Charity is going to teach me to measure biscuits and I’m going to learn how to play piano and flute!”
But other days, she says she does want to get married. Person of the day is William: “I’m going to marry William, but I’m going to pick him up, and we’ll get sprayed with silly string, and I’ll drive when we leave! Yeah, it’ll be a party!”
Back before we attended David and Priscilla’s wedding, she was acting very distressed when she brought it up a few nights before the wedding .The reason? “If I go to the wedding, then I am going to get married because it’s a wedding!“ It would just be so sad, because I want to stay with Dad and Mom all my life!” I again reassured her she need not worry about getting married, but laughed inwardly about what she said.
In sharing this, I hope I provided some good laughs for each of you today! [grin]
"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones."
{Proverbs 17:22}


Kaylee said...

She is A.D.O.R.E.A.B.L.E!!!

Anonymous said...

That is precious, Charity! I'm so glad that you have this written down somewhere! Looking forward to seeing all of you.
~Aunt Leah
P.S. When Abby was Alanna's age, she had her wedding all picked out, including her yellow wedding dress and PBJ's for the reception. : )

Morgan Family said...

Aunt good to get a comment from : we're excited to see y'all as well very soon, Lord willing! That is abosultely HILARIOUS about Abby...pbj's would definitely be cheap--Dad would like that idea! lol =)

Love y'all,