Wednesday, April 04, 2012


With Anna and Ivan's birthdays both being in March, we have two birthdays in our family one week apart. In addition, Grandma, Hannah-Lynn and Brandon's birthday parties were also this month. This meant more time with our extended family then normal, which is great! It's always exciting to celebrate another year in the lives of those we love...
Grandma turned....? [smile]

Opening presents. As you can tell, she had many eager assistants in her grandchildren!

Opening presents with two cute onlookers. Ivan's birthday was celebrated with Matt and Frances and our grandparents. William and Alanna were very delighted to look over his shoulder as he opened his gifts.


With his cake. Ivan's dessert of choice was Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake, which was enjoyed by all!

Dutch Blitz cards. We played several lively games with Matt and Frances!


Hannah Lynn and Brandon's birthday party was the following Saturday!
A big thumbs up! If you can't tell, Brandon is thrilled to be five!

Reading cards. Anna's birthday was the following Friday. She received at least seven cards from Alanna over the course of her birthday week!

Buddies playing together. Brandon positively adores William, which William loves!

Having dinner at the little table. These three cousins played very well together!

With her cake. Anna's dessert choice was Hershey Cake. And yes, the recipe is coming soon!

Sleeping baby girl. We all enjoy holding Ava, our newest cousin.

 Looking at baby books and photo albums. Mom's tradition for us on our birthdays is to look through baby memoir with us...such fun memories! We all enjoy the stories she'll recall about when we were younger.
"Many O Lord my God, are thy wonderful works
which Thou hast done and thy thoughts to us-ward,
if I could declare and speak of them they are
 more then can be numbered!" -Psalms

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