Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sun n' Fun!

The Saturday after Uncle Ryan and Aunt Joy moved, Anna and I headed to Sun n' Fun with them. We had the priviledge of going down south to help with their move, and this was the most convenient way to get back home! In the early afternoon, when we first arrived, it was sunny, but as the day went on it actually rained. Thankfully, the rain shower didn't last long and the Thunderbirds were still able to fly.

It was fun being with our family and friends...

Watching intently the airplanes as they flew over...

An F-18, a B-29, and a DC-3 were all among the planes that flew...

And so were acrobatic, those were great!

I had the pleasure of being with this little man! [smile]


A curious little girl.


"Look at the airplane!..."


After a while, we met up with Dad and Mom and the rest of the siblings, just in time to watch the Thunderbirds fly...more pictures to come!

“The LORD taketh pleasure in them
that fear him, in those that hope in his mercy.”
{Psalm 147:11}

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Anonymous said...

My Uncle and some of the boys were there that day! looks like you had a great time! and lots of great pictures....=]