Thursday, May 24, 2012

::Ohio Memories::

"When are you ever going to post the rest of the pictures from your trip?" several readers have been asking...Soon after we got home my battery charger for the laptop quit working, and I just got a new one in yesterday. Hopefully, lots of pictures and memories will be published in the next few days! Hopefully... [smile]

:: family game night ::
[lots of laughter and good memories]

:: cooking with Grammie ::

::preparing for family day dinner::

[sweet little cousin with most adorable brown eyes]

::Enjoying the newest addition to the family...::
[Nanaw and two great aunts came for family day]

::time playing outside...::

:: Croquet::

::best buds::




::Most charming little man patiently waiting for his dinner...::

:: The "guy" cousins ::


::Daddy with his precious person...::

:: Time to say good bye... ::

:: games with Uncle Joel and Aunt Leah ::

::playtime with cousins...::
[We enjoyed an evening spent at Uncle Seth and Aunt Debra's home.]

And that concludes an assortment of pictures from our time spent with the Morgan side of the family...we also spent a night with Mom's sister, so I'll be posting this pictures at some point too!

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grammie said...

Oh how I love seeing these pictures!!! It brings the tears again, but I love, love, love your pictoral journalling! The way you started this thread was so good!! It truly was like you were telling a story! You Ladies are gifted and I'm so grateful you're willing to do this blog. I love you....all of you.