Friday, May 25, 2012


 Happy 2nd Birthday!

 I can't imagine life without this adorable, serious, very lovable little of my best friends!
His favorite person in the is definitely his "Ma". A typical line from him is: "I wanna go see my Maaaa." Every once in a while he calls her "Mommy" but for the most part it's "Maaaa". He always like to put the "my" in front of "Maaaa" adorable!

His best friend of all time is: "my Awaaan (Alanna) ". He copies everything, I mean e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. she does! Last night while she quoted memory verses he repeated each line after her! If we want him to say a new word we'll just have "Awaaan" say it and then he will. A few days ago, Mom was giving him a bath and he kept asking where "my Awaaan" was. He was so upset that his best friend wasn't with him. When "Awaaan" is outside and he's inside or vic versa he looks for her and will say: "I want my Awaaan to come." It's so cute to watch them love one another... sometimes they fall over from all the tight squeezes they're giving each other! [grin]
His nicknames from Alanna change daily: Yesterday it was "Fetch" and then she said he needed a middle name so that was Ford. They were playing together and she would call "Fetch Ford" come over here in her cute way. The day before it was "Rednecko" and the the day before that it was "little Rascal." Where on earth she gets her crazy names from is definitely all her doing. The funny thing is how he responds to what she calls him!

As of the past few weeks he loves eating. "I want more..." is a common line of his. Whoever he's asking will say something like: "What do you say?" and he'll respond "pleasssse." Before you know it, that bowl of food is finished and he's probably asking for thirds.
He loves animals. In the field beside our house there's a horse named Emma. Several times daily he asks to "see the horseee" and then goes to the fence line saying "Emmmmma, horseee!" He also enjoys bossing Ford. If the dog barks, he opens the back door and hollers "quiet Fooooord!" And then shuts the door, only to return a few seconds later when "Fooooord" barks again.
We've tried to teach him the difference between horses and cows and he actually caught on a few weeks ago! Riding down the road, he's always on the lookout for horses and cows and says "neeigh horseee" or "mooo cow" depending on which animal it is. And then he'll exclaim: "Awaaan, there's a mooo cow!"

 We all love his sweet disposition and he adds so much joy to our home...

We love you, William!

"Every good gift and every perfect gift
is from above,
and cometh down from the Father of lights,
with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning."
{James 1:17}


grammie said...

What beautiful pictures of this beautiful child!! I so love the one with the Rosebud kissing him..
..that's the new desktop :)

The Anders said...

I know where Alanna gets her knack for nicknames...look who she has for a grammy! :) I'd say "Fetch" is better than "Scratch" or some others that I won't name. :) Cute little man--happy birthday!

Evan Feldman said...

Happy birthday buddy! He is so much like russel...

Morgan Family said...

Yes, I would agree! And that's a great point about where the nick naming originates...:)


Susan said...

Happy Birthday to William!!! He's so cute!