Monday, June 25, 2012


Happy 4th Birthday!

Four years ago today, we welcomed our Alanna Cherish. We were amazed at God's goodness to us when, at birth, her health was much better then we'd expected it to be! Reflecting on all God's brought her through, I'm even more thankful for her health now!

And now it's her 4th birthday: the day she's been anticipating and talking about for months. It's adorable to watch a four-year-old's excitement over a placemat, vase with flowers, four little pancakes, and best of all chocolate milk at her place for breakfast. Besides all that, she "didn't even have to do her job" (setting the table) since "now it's my birthday!!" Of the four birthdays in the past month, her's is the last, which only multiplies her excitement!

We love this little girl to pieces! She "has so much personality"...and is just a complete joy to have around! From nicknames, and singing, to facial expressions...she's way too cute.

She's a busy bee, asking often if she can help. Often, she'll see something that needs to be done and do it...without being asked! Her initiative is such a blessing!

She loves to be read too...her and William both...this happens several times a day at our house!

She loves, loves, loves William! They're the best of friends. For the most part, the two don't want to do things without each other. When they're separated he constantly asks where she is, and she talks about when she'll get to see him again. It's so precious!

...Yes, this is her playing soccer. She was kicking the football since we were using the soccer ball! Her roots came out there (like they do for many in our family at times!) and we smothered our laughs when she informed us of what she was doing!

Quoting memory verses...I love watching her do all the hand motions. Way too adorable!

We love you tons, Precious Person!

 "O Lord, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things;
thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth."
{Isaiah 25:1}


Susan said...

Happy Birthday to Alanna!!! She's growing up so much. Can't wait to see her and all of you again!

grammie said...

What a lovely presentation! I can't believe this little Darlin is 4!!! She is such a joy to be around. I'm so eager to see her........and her siblings!! Love you

Anonymous said...

Hey, Charity! I have missed seeing pictures of you and your family. I'm assuming that you are really busy right now. After all, this is your senior year!! : ) I hope everyone is doing well. I just went back through some of the pictures from several months ago, and enjoyed looking at them again. Love to all!

Aunt Leah

Pauline Taylor said...

Plz blog!!!

Jacqueline@ said...

Dear Charity (Morgan family),
What a beautiful and precious little one. Four years! God is so faithful!

Morgan Family said...

Praise the Lord!!! We feel very blessed, and get emotional thinking about back when she was born, all we went through and God's mercy to us! It's a long story...maybe I will write it in full someday. My Dad wrote some during the time she was in the hospital on this blog:

Morgan Family said...

Yes, m'dear...that is a work in progress! HOPEFULLY there will be some soon!=)