Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas at Our House

The temperatures greatly decreased right before Christmas, making it feel like the holiday! A Christmas with temperature's in the 70's has not been uncommon for us since taking up residence in the Sunshine State.
On Christmas Eve, we woke up to Florida snow {aka frost}...

What a delight to experience togetherness...quiet, uninterrupted family time on Christmas Eve night! We enjoyed pumpkin roll, reminiscing about Christmas' past, a candlelit dinner, a fire in the fireplace to warm up the house, and rehearing the Christmas story, as recorded by Luke.

For more Christmas cheer, Ellen and the boys strung lights around their windows. The buckhead is one a friend had stuffed for us a few years back.

Our Christmas Day arrived! excitement was high in getting to give our gift, sharing in family members enjoyment. And, of course, to receive them too!

"Don't tell her about the gift I made..."


Alanna dreamed up and created this "alarm clock" all on her own!

William was more than willing to assist in opening presents! [grin]

Our grandparents and great Grandma gave us Christmas gifts. Andrew and William received a train track, which they and others have thoroughly enjoyed already.

Alanna was thrilled over her baby carrier...{All on her own, she covered up the immodest girl on the front!}

Ivan totally stumped Andrew by putting a pocket knife for him in a box full of legos.

When William realized Andrew had pocket knife in his pocket, he promptly began putting things in his pocket. [grin]

Alanna received a sleeping bag from Dad and Mom, which thrilled her little heart.

Some trail mix for Dad...

William received a pretend phone from Dad and Mom. This has enabled him without just using his hand and increased his like for "conversations" with our neighbor!

This picture is one to include, for it portrays Andrew's excitement over getting a dress shirt from our Nanaw! He has been wanting a black one to match Ivan's.

Yes, this darlin' young man is smiling for the camera! He actually smiled in a few pictures this post, which you very observant readers probably already noticed. Now you can see what his teeth look like! [grin]

Football. William is right in with the big guys now. As you can tell, he feels pretty big about it all!

Back to his serious face...

Guitar practice...

Reading a new book...

Enjoying a delicious Christmas dinner... {Often when we use our nice dishes, glasses, and silverware I'm reminded to thank you, Pop and Grammie, for blessing us with them!}

Off to the land of dreams...SO precious to watch them sleep. God richly blessed us with a wonderful day enjoying His goodness to us!
"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace,
 goodwill toward men on whom His favor rests!"
{Luke 2:14}


Alayna May said...

Hey Charity!
I love the pictures of William and his cute smile! Also, I like the one of your Dad, his expression is very funny.
Hope you have a great day,

grammie said...

Great, great job, Sugar! Beautiful pictures and words! The pics are all so good and I delighted in each one! What a lovely day ya'll had...great memories...made more easy to remember by your sweet journalling! I love you!!